Trade in wild mushrooms

During the mushroom season (from June to October), we work mainly with fresh chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius).

We can offer you dried and salted mushrooms as well.

We export them to various European countries.

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For packing forest mushrooms, fruits and vegetables
Wooden packaging

Our company manufactures wooden packaging in Kaunas for packaging various food products.

This packaging is:

  • natural
  • organic
  • resistant to temperature
  • ideal for the bio-sector


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Our Production
H6 190x190x60
H7 180x145x75
H8 180x130x50
Pinta siųta medinė pakuotė
H9 180x130x50
H11 140x120x80
H13 210x100x50
Pinta medinė pakuotė
H15 260x175x80
Pinta medinė pakuotė
H18 235x160x65
medinė pakuotė ekologiška
H19 160x130x80
ekologiška medinė pakuotė
H21 150x100x70
H22 175x110x65
H23 185x185x95
H25 170x140x90
medinė pakuotė
H26 190x120x90
H27 170x160x60
medinis krepšelis
H28 190x120x105
We offer a job
Lithuania (Kaunas) and Germany

In Kaunas – work in the production of wooden baskets.In Germany – loading, packing, sorting and other unskilled auxiliary work.If you are interested – we offer to fill in the form and we will contact you.

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