Forest mushrooms

The main activity of the Company is trade in wild mushrooms. We collect mushrooms in Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and export them to various European countries.

Quality – Heiga places a heavy focus on quality and possesses all required quality certificates. To ensure the highest quality, we inspect the products using metal detectors as well as radiological and chemical testing prior to shipping.

Delivery- We can offer you the delivery to the various European countries- from the market place till the supermarkets shelves.

Packaging type- We offer many types of packaging to meet our client’s needs. Our chanterelles are parceled in eco – friendly and natural wooden packaging, which are handmade and manufactured in our workshop in Kaunas.


Packaging Size. mm
Plastic boxes 200 180x145x40
Wooden boxes 200 180x130x50
400 180x145x75
500 275x120x80
1000 375x140x100
3000 490x290x130